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The Sunline has been constructed and patented in 2013
Sunline is  optimizing  the photovoltaic installations

  1. Increasing the efficiency compared  solar roof installations with 20 % because of perfect open ventilation under the panels and easy cleaning of the Sunline.
  2. Reducing the energy consumption by eliminating the wash drier, the biggest energy consumer in houses in  Western countries.
  3. Sunline can be used as sun terrace, for drying vegetables, fruit, meat, fish and water pumping

The Sunline is  equipped with a online data transmission system via internet.
For technical and esthetical reasons we are using today 5 panels of 2 meter with a power of 480 Watt each:
This gives 2.400 KWh output, enough for an average household
Steel structure and foundation are calculated based on local underground  and climate using 2 poles and 2 beams
Poles can be driven in the ground , put in concrete or screwed on the terrace.
Cables are hidden in the structure, going to the house and are connected with a DC/AC inverter to the grid or to a battery.

Example visualization

Plant: Sunline - Bert Abbeel